Shipping Policy

Custom Made means a wide variety of shipping and Delivery

Some of the products you buy from our crafters are straightforward for shipping. A cutting board packaged with the appropriate padding is easy to deliver and also easy to figure out the shipping cost.

Other goods like a curly maple rocking chairOpens in a new tab. from master woodworker Ed Rizzardi can’t be entrusted to even some of the better white glove parcel shipping and delivery companies without the risk of damage.

We will go over all the different options you have and how our goods are packaged.

Local Pickup

This is the easiest and usually best way to take delivery on a custom made workpiece. You’ll be able to meet the maker, talk about proper use and care of the product, and you’ll be able to inspect the item for completeness and any damage prior to becoming its owner.

Local Delivery

The Maker might deliver the product themselves to ensure a less caring delivery driver doesn’t damage the workpiece the maker spent a lot of time working on for you. You’ll be able to inspect the item and have its care and any other special instructions explained to you in detail.

Carrier Delivery

This is mostly used for smaller products like cutting boards, pens, pottery, and other crafts that are easily packed and mailed via UPS. USPS, or one of the other standard carriers. You should ensure that the shipment is insured for the value of the goods and inspect upon delivery.

Parcel Delivery

If you must have a hand crafted furniture piece from further away this is an option for delivery and we will strive to pair you and the maker with the best white glove delivery services available.