Sellers Guide

This page is a work in progress but if you want to get an early start you can apply to be a maker/crafter telling on our platform at the link here:

A quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Once approved you will be able to create listings in preparation for launch
  • We will launch in California first.
  • You can list your hand made products with no fee.
  • We charge a 10% commission(2.9% of which goes to the payment processer)
  • We use Stripe as our payment processor.
  • If approved for it, we allow custom orders. Our goal is to simplify and make this secure.
  • We want to list local items first.
  • Vetted sellers only.
  • Custom Z is a Marketplace Facilitator.(Which in some cases makes selling easier for you)
  • We are just launching and a lot will be changing(hopefully getting better)
  • We value your feedback.

Check Here Frequently for New Information(like the actual Guide)

Feel free to send an email to for any questions you have.

What are the seller fees

  • Our normal fee is a 10% commission on all sales done through the platform.
  • Pre-launch fee will be a 5% commission.
  • We do have a monthly subscription charge which we use to keep the listing quality high (starting at $3/month for basic seller plan)
  • No charges until all listing are live.

What do I need to do to qualify as a seller?

Just apply and link your website and examples of your work in the application. We do want to interview applicants to make sure out interests are aligned and that you are a fit for this platform.

  • You make the items you sell(small factory products)
  • Live in the US.
  • Fill out our application.

When will my listings be live?

Listings will be active by January 1st 2022. We want to get a sufficient inventory of goods on the platform before launch so will not subscription fees until after launch in 2022.

Any sales prior to this will be charged a 5% commission to cover our payment processing fee of 2.9%.

How do you determine my initial seller Level

We want to talk to or at least touch base with the majority of the initial sellers to make sure we are doing the best we can.

Our initial plan is to let the established makers and crafters have higher price limits and custom offer availability than the hobbiest who will initially be limited on the price for products.