Important Information! The Best Pet Safe Wood Finish.

When you have pets, you adjust your whole life to ensure they are safe; this applies even when doing everyday projects around your home, such as woodworking. A large issue with any wood-based project is finding a safe and non-toxic wood finish that will not only make your home look beautiful but also keep your pets safe.

Linseed oil, which is Flaxseed oil, is non-toxic to people and pets and is an excellent choice for woodworking. Other pet-safe wood finishes will be products with labeling that shows it is non-toxic and ecofriendly. Some notable brands that are known to be pet-safe include:

  • Seal it Green, Xtreme BAMBOO
  • Tall Earths Eco Stain and Wood Finish 
  • Cedar Seal
  • Seal Once-Nano Poly
  • Safe Coat Acriglaze

Like humans, our pets can be just as sensitive to toxins and odor, which many wood finishes contain. To keep your pet healthy and save yourself from a costly vet bill, we have compiled a list of the top ten best pet-friendly wood finishes on the market that can give you peace of mind that your pet is safe around your woodworking projects. 

  1. Seal It Green, Xtreme BAMBOO

This non-toxic plant-based finish(Check price on Amazon HereOpens in a new tab.) is a great choice for pet owners for sealing decks, staining a doghouse, and many other applications. Seal It Green’s formula has almost no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), meaning it is safe to use around pets and children!

This finish offers great protection that lasts for up to 15 years, thanks to its weather-proof formula that can withstand the elements—and well as indoor messes. Long-Lasting protection, not cheap.

  1. Tall Earth’s Eco Stain and Wood Finish 

This product is known and loved for its non-toxic, zero VOCs, children and pet-friendliness, and garden-safe treatment. Tall Earth provides a line of great products that gives you the finish you want with the safety you need. 

Tall Earth is a great product for indoor and outdoor wood projects with a formula that will stick, seal, and leave a beautiful, long-lasting finish for the life of your wood without posing any health risks to your pets. (Check price on Amazon HereOpens in a new tab.) Eco friendly but pricy.

  1. Cedar Seal 

This product is easy to apply and has no harmful fumes or dangerous ingredients. Non-toxic, without VOCs, and eco-friendly, this is a must-try finish for anyone worried about the safety of their pets. 

Not only can you feel comfortable using it around your family, but you can also feel assured this product will give your wood projects the protection and look you want. (Check Price on Amazon HereOpens in a new tab.) Best Choice for the money.

  1. Seal Once-Nano Poly

This water-based sealant is a great finish to your wooden projects to keep them looking fantastic for many years to come.

Along with the satisfaction of knowing your wood is safe, this formula also allows you the comfort of knowing your pets are free from potential harm as well. With ultra-low VOCs and non-toxic ingredients, you can feel comfortable knowing that your family pets can roam freely on a fully finished and protected wood floor. (Check Price on Amazon HereOpens in a new tab.) Low VOC, not cheap.

  1. Safe Coat Acriglaze

This low odor, non-toxic, eco-friendly finisher is a great indoor treatment for wood in a home with pets or kids. It’s not meant to be used outdoors or in areas that can get wet but can be a safe formula for furniture, frames, and many other indoor wood-crafting projects. (Check Price on Amazon HereOpens in a new tab.) Not Cheap but a good choice.

  1. Earth Easy-Eco Wood Treatment

With many great reviews, this eco-friendly, wood life-lasting formula is a go-to for many people when they need a great wood finish that is also pet-safe and non-toxic. With its mineral-based wood preservatives, this finish is great for floor applications in homes with pets who have “curious” tongues. (Check Price on Amazon HereOpens in a new tab.) Most Affordable.

  1. Natural-Kote Soy-Based

This soy-based natural sealer and stain formula offers many beautiful colors for all your decorating needs. Like the other products on this list, it is non-toxic and can be used in any area your furry friends may be running around. On top of that, this formula is green building complaint and essentially odorless.  (Check Price on Amazon HereOpens in a new tab.) Good Choice.

  1. Odie’s Oils

This is a non-solvent, non-toxic, pet-safe formula. It is an easy to use wood finish, and it is oil and wax-based, meaning it is food safe and—just as important—animal friendly. 

Odie’s is made for interior and exterior use and can be applied to just about any wood surface. It comes in many different bases, and custom-made color finishes to make your home look amazing. 

Odie’s is an economically-aware company, so they made their finish so that a little will go a long way. Use sparingly! (Check Price on Amazon HereOpens in a new tab.) Excellent Product for the Price.

  1. Gardeners Exterior Wood Stain and Finish

This wood stain finish comes in the most popular wood staining colors for your outdoor oasis. It is made from a whey product (a byproduct of cheese making) and is non-toxic, so your pets will be fine when walking on that new deck, lying inside the doghouse, or roaming around a coop. 

Better yet, this finish protects your wood from water, mildew, and UV damage, allowing your project to stay protected from the elements for a long time.  

  1. AFM Safe Coat Naturals

This wood finish is a penetrating formula that soaks into your wood to create a strong finish to protect your wood from the inside out. This multi-purpose treatment is made with all-natural ingredients, which creates a nearly odor-free and non-toxic finish

This renewable and biodegradable resource-based product can be used in the areas you share with your pets so you can have peace of mind they’re safe after finishing any wooden projects. (Check Price on Amazon HereOpens in a new tab.) Most Expensive, Is it worth it?

Things to Keep in Mind About Finishes and Pets

The following are some final things to keep in mind regarding wood finishes and pets:

  • The products mentioned above are safe for pets after curing. In other words, the finishes are safe once they have had the chance to dry completely. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer, and keep pets out of the treated area so it can cure undisturbed for the specified amount of time. You never want your pet to encounter any product that is still in its original liquid state
  • Breathing any chemical can be damaging to your pet’s respiratory system. With that said, make sure your pet is away from the area while you’re treating the wood.  
  • You also never want any of these products or any other chemicals around your pet where they can ingest it. If you find they consume any of these products, you will want to contact your local pet poison control center or your veterinarian right away. Just because they are non-toxic does not necessarily mean they are not harmful.
  • Just because these formulas are pet-friendly does not mean that the finish is safe from the pet; for example, your cat or dog may still scratch the floor, bite on wood surfaces, or cause other types of damage to the treated area even after application. It’s important to remember that these finishes are not designed to protect surfaces from this kind of damage. 

Final Thoughts

The market is full of different brands of wood finishes, stains, and sealants. Unfortunately, a large amount of them can be toxic to you and your pets.  

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t ever use wood treatments around your pets. Luckily, the above brands have gone above and beyond to make sure their products are safe for everyone in the home, including pets. They keep their formulas non-toxic, with little to no VOCs and little to no odors. 

Everyone wishes to keep the home a happy, healthy place where our pets can grow with us. While this is not always easy to do when making home improvements, you know your whole family will be safe around your woodworking projects, thanks to the products on our list.

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