Are Narex Chisels Any Good?

Narex is a small company located in the Czech Republic that has been making woodworking tools since 1919. They make chisels and a wealth of other handhelds tools that are known for being durable and cost-effective. Are the chisels made by Narex any good?

Narex chisels are well-reviewed and are building a devoted following in the states. Each piece is a good representation of what a chisel should be. They are inexpensive and will replace any older sets you might have inherited or bought from a garage sale.

Narex has been a thriving company since the early 1940s and is still thriving as an international supplier today. They have expanded their business to encompass many more areas of business and product lines. Read on and learn what you need to know about Narex chisels and how high-quality they are.

Narex Creates Durable Chisels that are Great for Any Job

Users that spend their money on expensive chisels are often amazed at how well the Narex works on pine. It comes in a range of ¼ to 1 1/16 of an inch, which is great for the beginning woodworker. One of the only complaints is that the bevels need to be sharpened, and the backs could be flatter than any other set of chisels.

What makes these stand out is how they are an affordable set of chisels while competing with some of the world’s top brands. They have a series of wood-turning chisels that will become a staple in your shop once you have bought a set. Each of their tools will last a lifetime if given proper care and sharpening when needed.

The main types of Narex Chisel are:

  • Richter
  • Wood Line
  • Wood Line Plus
  • Super 2009
  • Plast Line
  • Machine Chisels

The Richter is the Standard Tool for Woodworking

The Narex Richter is a durable and essential tool for doing any cabinet making and carpentry. They have ash handles and are made from stainless steel. Each chisel undergoes a cryogenic hardening process that increases the tool’s ability to make precise cuts and handle aggressive hammering. (You can check out an example of these chisels on Amazon HereOpens in a new tab.)

A Wood Line Series Chisel Will Get the Job Done

The woodline series is for the woodworker who loves traditional hand tools. They are heat-treated and sharpened at the factory, meaning you can take them from the book to the wood without hesitation. The ergonomic design of the handle means that you can use it as long as you need to complete your objective. (Check out the price on Amazon HereOpens in a new tab.)

Wood Line Plus Chisels Have Excellent Handle Options

When it comes to woodworking, having a comfortable handle is a huge part of the equation. If the handle feels comfortable in hand, you can use it for more extended periods without pain. Using a handle that also has a large section for hammer impacts is a good idea. You could be hammering the chisel, and you don’t want to injure your hand.

The Super 2009 Line Solves Handle Problems with Style

It is hard to deny how the Super 2009 Chisel stands out amongst other chisels. The bright yellow rubber handle, with black accents, provides an excellent upgrade from the traditional wooden handled chisel. The rubber grip makes it much less likely to slip in your hand while using it and gives you extra grip for those hard-to-notch lumber pieces.

A Plast Line Chisel is Built for Intricate Work

The Plast Line is a great addition to the Narex lineup. It comes with a thinner rubber handle that has space for hanging the tool on a pegboard. The slim handle allows you to work with smaller spaces and ensures that your hand is cramp-free. While the bit comes in several different sizes, the tool size remains constant throughout the set.

Narex Makes a Great Line of Machine Chisels as Well

A Machine chisel goes into a power tool or some other piece of woodworking machinery. They perform perfectly, just like the other Narex chisels, and make an excellent addition to any workbench. Their shape is specially crafted to keep the tool from swaying during use.

What Users are Saying About Narex Chisels

Users are raving about the Narex line of chisels, and there are thousands of reviews on hundreds of web pages to back up their up-and-coming name. Aside from being a price-point competitor, Narex backs up its affordable price with some other benefits that make the users return for more.

The advantages of having a Narex set of chisels are:

Easy to Grip

The way the handles are designed makes them much more comfortable to grip and will allow for several hours of usage. Narex even makes a series of chisels with a rubber grip that will be your favorite tool after just a few uses.

Wooden Box Option

For some sets of chisels, you can opt for a wooden box that is elegant and fits your style of a chisel. A box adds a decorative flair to the chisels that woodworkers and carpenters go nuts for.

Stays Sharp

Sharpness is critical to a chisel. When they come out of the Narex packaging, they are incredibly sharp and will hold the edge for several uses. When it is time to sharpen them, you can expect them to remain sharp, just as if they were brand new again.

Suitable for Any Builder

It doesn’t matter if you are using the tools to put the finishing touches on a home you built yourself or a guy just working on projects on the weekends; these Narex chisels are going to be great for you.

Great Ways to Care for Your Narex Chisels

Taking care of your chisels is a priority if you will be using them for a long time, and when you have Narex chisels, they will last forever. There are a few quick things that you can do before or after working each time to make them last even longer than expected.

Some ways to service your Narex chisels are:

Use Anti-Rust

Try and coat the edges with a bit of anti-rust spray. This will keep the edges from forming tiny cracks that the eye can’t see. When you are using your mallet on an untreated edge, it could shear off and break the tool and cause injury for you or a co-worker.

Flatten the Backs

Ensure that the backs are flat and won’t cause unwanted indentions by filing the back to be even with the beveled edges on the sides. This makes for smooth cuts and less angle on the swing of the mallet.

Clean with an Abrasive

Use an abrasive to clean the chisel. Use something that will remove the machine varnish on the tool and reveal the raw steel edges. An abrasive will get into the nooks and crannies and remove anything that could cause the device to break.


Chisels seem like tools that are going to be the same no matter what brand you buy. For some, that is the truth, but not with Narex. They use a cutting-edge cryogenic edging process that creates one of the most hardened steel edges around. Once they go into service, they are a dependable tool that will always deliver quality work.

Buying a set of Narex chisels is a choice that you won’t regret. They have been undergoing a resurgence in the last decade, driving them steadily towards the top of the market. Narex makes quality tools, and their chisels are sure to leave you impressed.

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