9 Best Jointers for a Small Woodshop

Finding the right jointer for your next woodworking job is no small feat. You want to find something with a wide enough and right type of blade, strong enough horsepower, quality material (cast iron), and a long enough feeder table. Fortunately, there are many great options.

The 9 best jointers for a small woodshop include: (6” Benchtop) Craftsman 10-Amp CMEW020, Porter-Cable PC160JT, Shop Fox W1829, Grizzly Industrial G0725, (6”) Grizzly Industrial G0813, (8”) Wahuda 50180CC-WHD Benchtop, Powermatic 60HH 1610086K, (Planer/Jointer) Ridgid JP0610 6⅛”, and Jet JJP-8BT 8”.

JointerCostWhat makes it good.
Craftsman(CMEW020)Under $400Portable, Good for small shop.
Porter Cable(PC160JT)Under $400Budget Friendly and lightweight
Shop Fox(W1829)Under $400Cast Iron feeder table, Best at this price.
Grizzly(G0725)Under $400Comparable to Shop fox. Great Quality.
Grizzly(G0813)About $600Stationary and great quality
Wahuda(50180CC)Under $6008 inch, Very versatile for the price.
PowerMatic(60HH)More than $2000Great for heavy use in a shop.
Ridgid(JP0610)Under $1000stationary planer /joiner combo.
Jet(JJP-8BT)About $400budget portable planer/jointer combo.

Of course, choosing which one is the right jointer for your small woodshop might come with a few different considerations, such as your jointing aims, budget, and how frequently you plan to use this tool. Regardless, there are quite a few different options available to you. So, without further adieu, let’s look at the 9 best jointers for a small woodshop.

1. CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Jointer, 10-Amp (CMEW020)Opens in a new tab.

The Craftsman Benchtop Jointer 10-Amp CMEW020 consistently cuts one of the top jointers on the market today- especially if you are looking to bring this into a small woodshop. When working in a small woodshop, you are likely going to want a portable jointer. In this case, you will need a benchtop jointer that can be moved from one location to another- including in and out of your workshop or various worksites.

The Craftsman option is a great portable option especially considering it weighs approximately 40lbs instead of some other heavier benchtop options available.

The Craftsman Benchtop Jointer CMEW020 sports a 6-inch blade with a 30-inch long working surface along with its portability. Since it has aluminum fencing and straight blades (two-knife cutter head with a jackscrew leveling knife), you will likely find that you need to replace these as you use them, but the mechanisms are designed for this not to be an overly cumbersome task.

Additionally, this model has a 10-Amp setup that allows for adjustable speed variations between 6,000 to 11,000 RPM allowing the woodworker in a small woodshop to select the right speed depending on the project they are working on. It has a cutter head speed of 12,000 to 22,000 cuts per minute, so you know this machine can work quickly.

This jointer is perfect for hard and softwoods and is capable of yielding moderate levels of cutting depth. So, if you are looking to square and smooth away some smaller projects, a 6-inch jointer from Craftsman could be the way to go.

2. PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer, Variable Speed, 6-Inch (PC160JT)Opens in a new tab.

The Porter-Cable Benchtop Jointer, Variable Speed, 6-inch PC160JT is another great 6-inch jointer for your small woodshop. A few different size variations are available for jointers, including 6-inch, 8-inch, and a much larger 16-inch blade. Keep in mind, though, that a 16-inch blade on a jointer is not typically necessary when working in a small woodshop, so we have decided not to include one on this list. However, there are several great industrial options that we will include for you, just in case.

Regardless, the Porter-Cable Benchtop Jointer (6-inch) is another portable benchtop jointer option that would help you to excel in your hobby or business when used in a small woodshop. It is also highly affordable (comparable to the Craftsman option listed above), so you will be pleased with the price point. Interestingly, it weighs slightly less than other portable benchtop jointers as it only weighs 35lbs– making it easy to transport from your shop to your worksite.

Along with this, its 6-inch blade will provide you with highly efficient cuts. Keep in mind, though, that this also operates with straight blades (two knife cutter heads), so you will want to keep replacement parts available since this type of cutter head is known to wear out more quickly.

Still, it has a conveniently accessible 4” dust port so that you can easily and safely remove the sawdust that this machine stirs up- a necessary component on any jointer. You will find that this machine has a 32” aluminum feeder table. Hence, it is more ideal for shorter-term use.

However, this jointer packs a punch with variable speed ratings between 6,000 to 11,000 RPM allowing for a high rate of highly reliable cuts on your wood. The Porter-Cable Benchtop Jointer is perfect for those of you who are just getting into woodworking as a hobby or for those who want to test the waters with a less expensive jointer option.

3. Opens in a new tab.Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer, 6-InchOpens in a new tab.

The Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer, the 6-inch option, is another incredible benchtop jointer option for your small woodshop. You will find that this option really packs in the durability and power needed for anything from amateur to professional cuts.

Specifically, this jointer is portable, considering it is a benchtop jointer, but it weighs considerably more than a few other options on this list as it comes in at 80lbs. However, before you panic and think that this makes the device portable, remember that this heavier option is highly beneficial when you understand why it is so heavy.

Interestingly, Shop Fox formerly used an aluminum feeder table on this model; This model has cast iron for the machine causing the weight (and consequent durability of the product) to skyrocket. So, you might have to have someone help you move it, but it is for a good reason.

Along with this, it is another 6-inch benchtop option that comes with two-knife cutter head (straight) blades. You will want to keep an eye on replacing those, but it should not be overly complicated. You will also find a “fine adjust” knob that allows you to precisely measure how thick or thin you want the cuts made by this machine to be- including a maximum depth of ⅛.”

The 2 ½ inch dust port is highly efficient at keeping your workspace (and workshop) clean while this machine is in use on your wood. This is important considering the jointer can operate at 10,000 RPM making 20,000 cuts per minute as it is powered by a 12-Amp, 1 ½ horsepower, 110-volt system.

4. Grizzly Industrial G0725-6″ x 28″ Benchtop Jointer

Grizzly Industrial actually has two of our top-ranked jointers, but one of them (the Grizzly Industrial G0725 6” Benchtop Jointer) is a 6-inch benchtop model. At the same time, the other is a 6-inch cabinet jointer (stationary) model. It is important to clarify that these two, while both being 6-inch blade options, have two highly unique purposes. So, know that this is discussing the benchtop model- a very impressive option for your small woodshop.

Specifically, the Grizzly Industrial G0725 6-inch Benchtop Jointer uses a cast iron feeder table, making it a highly durable piece of equipment. This product is another heavy one- weighing in at 80lbs- but again, remember that this higher weight indicates a more structurally sound piece of equipment.

Along with that, you will find that the two-knife cutter heads can pack a punch with 10,000 RPM yielding 20,000 cuts per minute, graduating at a maximum cutting depth of ⅛-inch (a high-quality cutting machine). Additionally, it has a built-in dust collection system, so you can know that the sawdust is being ported appropriately.

In terms of the length of the table, you will find that the 28 1/2-inch table allows you to work with a pretty moderately sized piece of wood, especially since the fence of the jointer is also longer, coming in at 22 7/8-inch.

If you are looking for a high-quality benchtop jointer that will be worth every penny, Grizzly Industrial is known for yielding top products- hence this benchtop jointer landing among the best jointers for a small woodshop.

5. Grizzly Industrial G0813-6″ x 48″ Jointer with Economy Stand

Another impressive option from Grizzly Industrial comes its high-quality cabinet (stationary) jointer that also has a 6-inch blade. The Grizzly Industrial G0813 6-inch jointer with economy stand is a high-quality jointer that is made to last- and it is also worth you’re investing in if you are planning on doing a lot of work on a jointer.

It is important to remember that a stationary jointer like this one will not be moved from your workshop once it is set up. This is mainly because the product weighs almost 240lbs, so you will not want to move it anyway. However, once you can set this up in your woodshop, you are sure to be satisfied with the precise and accurate cuts that you receive from this machine.

Particularly, you will be pleased with the 115V option that allows a hefty amount of power behind the 6-inch blade. Plus, even though this is operating with a two-knife cutter head (comparable to the other Grizzly Industrial products), you should see measurable results that you will be proud of when using this standup jointer option.

6. Wahuda 50180CC-WHD 8-inch Benchtop jointerOpens in a new tab.

Next, we will begin taking a look at 8-inch jointers that offer you a wider plane to cut the lumber you intend to cut. This is critical if you will be using larger pieces considering the (surprisingly or not surprisingly) vast difference that 8-inches can make on your woodworking project. Still, 8-inch cuts are reasonable to expect in a small woodshop (unlike a less likely option of 16-inch cuts- hence why those are not included on this list).

Regardless, the Wahuda 50180CC-WHD 8-inch Benchtop jointer is another incredible option for a jointer in your small woodworking shop. Similar to many other jointers listed above, this option is portable (considering its benchtop nature). It just has a larger blade. It weighs roughly 60 pounds, so it is not excessively heavy, but it is not extraordinarily light, either.

You will be pleased to find the spiral cutter blades used on this piece of equipment, which enhances durability compared to the two-knife (straight) blades found on many other types of jointers. Along with that, those blades have a hefty amount of power behind them, sitting on an operating system of 10-Amps/ 120-volts.

The Wahuda feeder table is made of a highly durable cast iron material, and this option has an impressive feature: roll-out feeder extensions. This means that you can take the feeder table from 34 to 51 inches within a matter of minutes, so you can consequently transition from working on a small to a very long piece of wood.

So, whether you are working on a larger or a smaller project, this highly durable, high-quality jointer is the perfect fit for a woodworker looking to take his small woodshop to the next level in terms of a benchtop jointer.

7. Powermatic 1610086K Model 60HH 8-Inch 2 HP 1-Phase Jointer with Helical CutterheadOpens in a new tab.

Another impressive 8-inch jointer is the Powermatic 60HH 8-inch Jointer 1610086K. However, differently than the 8-inch jointer listed above, this one acts as a stationary cabinet jointer, so once you set it up in your shop, there is no turning back. However, this can be a great thing for many woodworkers. Just remember, you should not plan to move this 518-pound beast, and it is not likely that you would be able to even if you wanted to.

This machine is, by far, the largest jointer listed on this list of best jointers for a small woodshop, but it is important to note in case your woodshop is operating with large pieces of wood and needing to crank out projects on a new jointer.

Still, this large jointer has spiral blades fit for long-lasting projects. They operate on a 2 horsepower, 230 volts system, so they are able to crank out some serious power. Along with this, the cast iron feeder tables can extend up to 73-inches, so you can plan on doing some serious work on this jointer.

Again, this jointer might not be for you if you are working on smaller projects or are not looking to crank out these large projects. However, if you are a small woodshop owner specializing in projects requiring a jointer, then this mammoth of a jointer is worth your time and investment.

8. Ridgid JP0610 Planer, 6-1/8-Inch JointerOpens in a new tab.

The final type of jointer that we will include in this list of the best jointers for a small woodshop includes a combination option of a planer and a jointer in one. There are two imposing options for these, and the Ridgid JP0610 Planer 6 ⅛-inch Jointer is one that comes with impressive, top-quality performance.

Specifically, this cabinet jointer/planer combo will allow you to do the cuts that a planer and a jointer require, so you can rest assured that your boards of lumber will be smooth, even, and ready to be used in your next project without having to pass through many other tools.

This is a stationary jointer in terms of the jointer, so you should not plan on moving this jointer/planer combination option from your small woodshop- especially since it weighs 213 pounds. Many of those pounds come from the steel cabinet and cast iron base that enhance this machine’s overall durability and longevity.

The 6-inch jointer blade on this machine operates with a three HSS knife (straight blade) system. This machine can pack in some heat with 15,000 cuts per minute from 120 volts, a 12-Amp system.

Fortunately, you should be able to use this project for a decent bit of projects considering its feeder blade comes in at 45-inches. Plus, since its maximum cutting depth is 1/8inch, you should be well on your way to an effective jointer/planer combo option for your small woodshop.

9. JET JJP-12 12″ Planer/Jointer, 3HP, 1PH 230V (708475)

Last but certainly not least, the Jet JJP-8BT 12-inch Jointer/Planer is another combination option if you are looking to invest in a tool that can do two types of jobs. Plus, since this option has a 12-inch blade, you already know that it will be able to provide the capacity of operation that you are likely hoping to achieve.

Plus, this option is portable- offering you something that no other device on this list can do (a portable machine that can act as both a jointer and a planer). You will not want to pass this 67-pound machine up. Since it is a benchtop jointer/planer combination, you can take it with you between your workshop and your worksite.

Along with that, the 12-inch blades can provide efficient cutting ability with two knife cutter blades. Fortunately, this machine also has quite a bit of power as it runs on 13 Amps supplying up to 18,000 cuts per minute.

Its aluminum feeder blade (although less durable than a cast-iron option) extends 31-inch, so you are sure to be able to work on small to medium-sized projects in your small woodshop. Along with that, the dust port is sure to keep your space cleaned up while operating this device. This device can do it all.

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