7 Best Woodworking Hand Saws for Your Shop

Investing in high-quality tools for your woodworking shop does not always come at an inexpensive rate, but choosing the right tools can help your money go further. When it comes to handsaws, there are certainly some that are better than others and worthy of purchasing.

The best woodworking hand saws for your shop are the: Craftsman 20” CMHT20881 rip saw, Crown Flinn 10” Offset dovetail saw, GreatNeck N2610 crosscut saw, Suizan Japanese Dozuki flush-cut saw, Irwin Tools 2014400 coping saw, Suizan Japanese 9.5” pull saw, and Spear & Jackson 9550B tenon/backsaw.

Of course, there are plenty of other options available to choose from, but these are high-quality products that are worth investing your resources into.

Still, before buying a woodworking handsaw, it is important to know why certain saws might work better for a particular cut or need. Continue reading to take a closer look at the 7 best woodworking hand saws for your shop.

1. CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw, 20-Inch, Fine Finish (CMHT20881) Rip Saw

If you are looking for the best ripsaw for your woodworking shop, the Craftsman Hand Saw, 20-inch, finish rip saw (CMHT20881) is the way to go. When choosing a hand saw with rip teeth, you are looking for a sturdy tool that can rip along the lumber piece in the grain direction.

The rip saw should cut through a piece of wood in the same way that a chisel would, as this is how its teeth are designed. You will find that the teeth on this type of saw are larger than the teeth on other saws. This can make paying attention to the TPI or teeth per inch rating all the more important.

If you are looking for a smooth cut, you will want to opt for a rip saw that has a higher TPI rating (as the additional teeth help to ensure a more smooth “rip.”

However, if you are looking to cut through a piece of wood with less physical effort, then having a lower TPI can be best in this situation.

Interestingly, it is tough to find a hand saw that can cut both smooth and with limited physical power behind it, but choosing a high-quality tool for your shop can still be conceivable.

Fortunately, the Craftsman CMHT20881 20-inch hand saw works great as a rip saw- one of the best models for your woodworking shop. While its cost is relatively low, this does not play into its quality. (Check out the price of this saw on Amazon Here) Instead, this 11 TPI hand saw can be used on various surfaces, including most types of lumber.

Additionally, its handle has an impressive feature in that it can be used at 45-degrees or 90-degrees for a square or a miter cut. Finally, while it does not have a resharpenable blade, it does come with a lifetime warranty, which is not extremely common with this type of saw, so you know the company is willing to put its money on its own product.

2. Crown FLINN 10-Inch Offset Reversible Dovetail Saw

Besides your standard rip saw, no woodworking shop is complete without a dovetail saw. This type of saw requires precision and important design features.

The Crown FLINN 10-Inch Offset Reversible Dovetail Saw is one of the most impressive dovetail saws on the market. (Check out this saw on Amazon Here) It will certainly create a more manageable task with creating this joint in your woodworking project.

With a dovetail saw, you can opt for a pistol grip or a straight handle– both of which work well, so it really comes down to the user’s preference. The Crown FLINN 10” offset reversible dovetail saw has a straight grip, which allows for more curved cuts.

You’ll need to be cautious that your hand doesn’t slip with the straight handle. However, when using a dovetail saw, you will likely want to use a type of saw that can be easily maneuvered in tight places, which is exactly what this option can do.

Along with that, dovetail saws need to have a higher TPI to smoothly cut dovetail joints without scuffing the wood or leaving behind accidental cuts.

The Crown FLINN dovetail saw has a TPI of 18, indicating a high-quality dovetail saw that can achieve a smooth cut without leaving trails of its cuts behind. Along with that, this saw is made of high carbon steel, and its 10-inch blade pivots so that you can maneuver it to the right or left (imperative for dovetail cuts).

Additionally, you will find that the reversible saw blade will be essential when you begin to make dovetail cuts that require higher precision levels than your average cut. Fortunately, the Crown FLINN model of dovetail saw can do just this. You are sure to be satisfied incorporating this woodworking hand saw in your shop.

3. GreatNeck N2610 – 26 Inch 12 TPI Crosscut Saw, Hardwood Handle, Wood and Tree Saw Hand Saw

In contrast with a rip saw, a crosscut saw will allow you to cut across a piece of lumber going perpendicular to its natural wood grain.

Because of this, you will want to find a crosscut saw that has smaller teeth than a rip saw, yet still, a moderate TPI and teeth that can cut your wood from two angles with enhanced sharpness on both sides.

The GreatNeck N2610 26-inch, 12 TPI Crosscut Saw is the perfect crosscut saw to handle hardwood, among other types of wood. (Check out this saw on Amazon Here) With its longer blade, you can rest assured that the hand saw will be able to cut through the width of your lumber in no time.

This is especially true considering its TPI at 12 is low enough not to require significant physical strength to be applied yet high enough to allow for a smooth cut.

Additionally, this is just one of the reasons that this saw is marketed for people who are sawing entire trees for their lumber source and those who are working on smaller woodworking projects.

When opting for a crosscut saw, you are likely looking for a saw that will not wreck your wood’s fibers as it saws through it. For example, if you are using a crosscut saw to see through the leg of a beautiful desk, you will want to ensure that the saw does not cause unwanted splintering and prolonged damage to this structure’s aesthetic appeal.

Fortunately, the GreatNeck N2610 will provide a smooth cut. Along with its high-quality material, it is also resharpenable and also comes with a lifetime warranty- something to protect your investment for years to come.

4. SUIZAN Japanese Dozuki Dovetail Hand Saw 6 Inch

Now, if you are looking for a flush-cut saw that you could bring into your woodworking shop to cut tenons, dowels, or other smaller and more fine cuts, then you might want to opt for a Dozuki that has set teeth allowing for easier dust removal when using the saw.

The SUIZAN Japanese Dozuki 6-inch hand saw will allow you to make the tight cuts that can help you to trim off the edges or round out dowels, for example. (Check the current price on Amazon for this saw Here)

Specifically, this Dozuki model has a straight handle, which allows for more narrow contortions in the cuts that you intend to make on your wood. This means that you will need to apply pressure accurately and carefully, but you will achieve a precise cut if you do. This is also done with fine teeth and higher TPI.

As you look closer, this option is incredibly narrow and can cut through surfaces like hardwoods. Be sure to use caution, knowing that you will surely achieve the cut you hope to with this model.

The narrow blade allows a woodworker to achieve tight corners, edges, or specific angles that would otherwise have to take quite a bit of work and meticulousness to complete.

With a 25 TPI rating, you know that this Dozuki knife will be able to make a clean flush cut in no time with little pressure even needing to be applied from the start.

Some users have even reported that this Dozuki option cuts “like butter” through hardwoods- something unimaginable for those of us who are still waiting to experience this.

Considering this is one of the highest TPI ratings from the entirety of this list, you can rest assured that this is the perfect addition for your woodworking shop for a smooth and efficient cut.

5. IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw (2014400)

Having a coping saw in your woodworking shop is a no-brainer. Indeed, this tall and slender hand saw is a tool that can work wonders for cutting curves into your woodworking pieces.

With the IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw (2014400), you are sure to achieve the power and precision required of a coping saw- something that can bring power to your woodworking shop. (Check out the current price of this saw on Amazon Here)

When using a coping saw, there must be at least a moderately high TPI, and you want to keep this blade sharp, too. Interestingly, you can even use a coping saw to saw dovetail joints and remove the dust with this saw– an innovative solution to a classic woodworking trade.

With the IRWIN Coping Saw (2014400), you are sure to find the best coping saw for your woodworking shop.

Specifically, this coping saw has a blade length of 6 ½” with a TPI of 17, making it perfect for smaller to medium-sized pieces. Plus, since the blade material is steel, it is sturdy and a type of saw that will inevitably lead to your woodworking projects’ long-term success- a tool that is built to last.

In addition to these features, this coping saw also has a rubberized cushion handle, which is not all too common on various saws.

However, when working with a coping saw to achieve accurate, smooth cuts, you will appreciate the comfortability that comes with the handle on the IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw.

You will be able to achieve the tighter cuts and smooth transitions with this coping saw and its high TPI, structural soundness, and overall impressive design.

Keep in mind that if you are working with a larger coping saw, you will need to ensure the safety required of using a larger blade with this type of precise cutting specialty.

6. SUIZAN Japanese Hand Saw 9.5 Inch Pull Saw for Woodworking

In case you were not aware, there are two types of saws in terms of the motion used to achieve a cut: push saws and pull saws. When using a pull saw, the teeth are designed so that as you pull the blade towards yourself, this is when the cut will be achieved.

Alternatively, with a push saw, you would be applying pressure on the saw as you lean forward- something that comes a bit more naturally to most beginner woodworkers.

Because of the bit of awkwardness that you might find as you use a pull saw for the first time, you might need to become comfortable with pulling the saw to cut rather than pushing it- you will want a pull saw that can do the job well.

Fortunately, the SUIZAN Japanese 9 ½” Pull Saw is a consistently highly rated pull saw option on the market. (Check out this saw on Amazon Here)

There are many different types of pull saws, but this one follows a similar Dozuki style in that it is narrow and has a high TPI at 25 teeth per inch. This allows for exact and smooth cuts and can make for an easier time on the woodworker.

This can indeed be a gamechanger for a woodworker as it allows him or her to achieve more smooth cuts on an already tight type of cut.

This pull saw model is also consistent with typical characteristics of pull saws. It does not require a high level of pressure or weight-bearing to use, and it can smoothly cut through a variety of types of wood at varying levels of thickness.

Using the SUIZAN 9 ½” pull saw, you can trust that its steel construction will hold up well as you efficiently make a wide range of cuts on your woodworking piece. Indeed, your woodworking shop can be transformed by adding in this pull saw option.

7. Spear & Jackson 9550B Traditional Brass Back Tenon Saw, 12″ x 15″, Brown/Silver

When looking for a tenon or back saw, you want to find a type of saw that can cut across the grain or in line with it, and you want to find a blade that is tall enough and wide enough to work with larger pieces of wood.

This type of saw is not particularly sought after when working with smaller pieces, as often a dovetail saw, or standard rip saw can achieve the smaller types of cuts that might be required of the same types of teeth on this saw.

However, finding a high-quality tenon or back saw is how you know a woodworker is taking a step in the right direction towards making their woodworking shop professional.

A tenon or backsaw should have a larger blade and a moderate TPI. Fortunately, the Spear & Jackson 9550B 12” x 15” Traditional Back Tenon Saw meets the bill in various areas, landing it as one of the best woodworking hand saws for your shop. (Check the current price on Amazon Here)

You will find that this option has universal teeth- something that can benefit its versatility around your workshop. In addition to this, this model has a TPI of 15, leaving you with the assurance that you will be able to achieve a smooth cut with the Spear & Jackson model of tenon/backsaw.

Along with its TPI rating, you will also be able to appreciate the high-quality steel that this is made of and its brass backing that can add to the overall soundness and sturdiness of this type of saw. With a comfortable handle, among the other qualities previously mentioned, you are sure to be pleased to add this hand saw to your woodworking shop.

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