Custom Orders

To custom order any products the process is simple…you pick which makers you are interested in creating your product and fill out our request form for what you want.

Maker Availability

If a artisan or maker is available for custom work they will give a description on their profile page of what they make and a general price range, delivery options, and time line for the products.

Create an Account

Only signed in users can request a custom order.

Create Custom Order Request

If you are interested in having furniture or some other craft custom made than fill out the request form on the profile page or click this link here Opens in a new tab.

The Maker will review your request and send you additional questions on what you are wanting to have made along with more specific information(timeline, price, weight).

Most of the time the Maker will request a down payment of a substantial amount of the price prior to starting work. We use a third party escrow company to ensure both sides are protected in this transaction.

Finalize agreement

Once you and the Maker agree on the specifics of the order they will send you a contract/invoice that you both will sign. It doesn’t need to be too complicated but you do want the specs, wood types, finish type, delivery date, and price(down payment amount, final price, and delivery terms)

Make Initial Payment

Once you make the initial payment(per the contract), The Maker will get started on your project and will occasionally update you on the progress.

If there are any delays or unforeseen circumstances they will let you know. Delays are normal in this industry and should be accounted for in the contract.

Weekly Updates

The Maker will provide updates on the status of your project as discussed on the contract.

Project Completion

Once the Maker is complete with the project than they will notify you that they are ready for the final payment. We encourage the maker to send a video in real time of the finished product and send photo and videos through this platform for your review.

Final Payment

You will submit the final payment through the escrow account(or per the contract), and once both parties are satisfied with this than the buyer will deliver the product per the contract.


Once the delivery is verified, We ask that you send your own photos and video of the item to our platform showing correct and undamaged delivery. If there is a problem that note that and contact customer support for resolution.